Singabera is committed to creating the highest quality products derived from natural plants, while minimizing our environmental footprint and contributing to the local community for maximum positive impact.

Our vision is to be a global leader in our product categories, and our mission is to achieve this mission by:

  1. consistently producing delicious, high quality products that make our customers happy

  2. supporting local farmers and communities

  3. being a leader through innovative eco-friendly practices

  4. minimizing our footprint on the environment

  5. fully controlling our supply chain for guaranteed quality, with no outsourcing or repackaged/rebranded products

Proudly grown and processed in Indonesia

All Singabera products are grown, harvested and processed in Indonesia. Apart from the ideal growing conditions that the archipelago offers, by placing our operations in proximity, we can control and monitor the quality, and ensure that our products are processed within a short time for optimal freshness. This also cuts down on fuel and emissions created by long transportation chains.

Hand-harvesting for optimal yield

Despite advances in modern technology, we have elected to continue the age-old practice of hand-harvesting for most of our products. This ensures best quality harvest and high production, as well as providing local communities with gainful employment.

Sustainable farming practices

We champion sustainable farming practices, as reflected by our organic coconut sugar products which are produced from the nectar of long-lived coconut palms. Unlike sugar cane, which must be chopped down to produce cane sugar, the coconut palm is merely tapped for its sap and can continue producing for decades.

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